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The Great War

The Soul of a SoldierOne hundred years ago, civilized nations from around the globe, were compelled to enter a war that would be known as “The Great War . . .the War to End All Wars”. History books will record the politics, the battles and the outcome of the Great War; but it is in the songs and stories of human patriotism, sacrifice and heroism on both sides of the battle, that we can begin to understand the experiences of the common soldier and their loved ones left behind.
The show, “The Soul of a Soldier” is presented by Mike Cheesman. With his gentle performance of songs and powerful storytelling, Mike gives us a glimpse of the patriotism that drove so many to the battlefields; the sacrifice of the soldiers and their loved ones as the war lingered on; and the heroism of the soldiers on both sides of the conflict. One hundred years later, we should reflect on the words from John McCutcheons’s song: Christmas in the Trenches that, “at both ends of the rifle, we’re the same”.